Roscongress Foundation Social Action

Innosocium Foundation, a social platform of the Roscongress Foundation, is the social agenda operator at major international economic forums of the Roscongress Foundation. The Foundation's forum activities are aimed at creating an environment for the development of the social ecosystem, establishing constructive liaison among society, business, government organisations and non-governmental entities.

Panel discussions and round tables are held as part of the social and cultural sessions of Roscongress Foundation's business programme addressing conceptual issues on the social agenda, identifying fundamental problems as seen from the different points of view of the social ecosystem participants and finding possible systemic solutions. The discussions involve business leaders, members of federal and regional authorities, experts of non-profit organisations and development institutions and international experts. Elena Marinina, coordinator of social and cultural sessions of Roscongress Foundation's business programme, deputy director of the Roscongress Foundation and director of the Innosocium Foundation.

The social agenda has been a priority for the Roscongress Foundation and the Innosocium Foundation created to further develop this area. Since the president of the Russian Federation named social issues one of the country's top priorities, they have been reflected in all national projects. The Roscongress events address the biggest challenges that require consolidation of the whole nation."
Aleksandr Stuglev,
CEO of the Roscongress Foundation

Innosocium made the Trust Space themed area at Roscongress Foundation events to highlight and tackle the country's sustainable social development tools, such as healthcare and educational activities. Trust Space focuses on what is seen as the current social, economic and political lay of the land in Russia and worldwide.

Innosocium Laboratory, which brings together both high-level experts and non-profit sector enthusiasts, prepares a significant part of the agenda. The second part of the Trust Space called Innovation Area encourages any participant to convey their views on the global issues. Innosocium is open to cooperation and creates the infrastructure for cooperation of all interested parties.

The potential for social partnership between non-profits and the state is not fully unlocked. We are not talking about giving additional preferences to the sector, but the ones it has right now should be utilised effectively. The pooling of resources and efforts will enable us all to consolidate a sustainable and just peace.”
Elena Marinina

Innosocium Foundation resorts to art and literature to tackle the issues on the social agenda.

The art space is an exposition of paintings and photographs, as well as art and media installations highlighting social challenges to draw public attention to the topical issues of today. Visitors can donate money to support non-profit projects created to help socially vulnerable groups. One of such projects builds art studios for people with special needs.

Exhibitions of socially oriented books is another new format. The social library area has a selection of books on 10 topics related to relevant social problems: charity, development of the non-profit sector, social communications, education, culture, ecology, healthcare, social welfare, women's leadership and the generation of the future. Yuliya Kruglyankina, coordinator of the Art Space and Social Library, project manager of the Innosocium Foundation.