Innosocium Nationwide Social Project Competition

Innosocium Nationwide Social Project Competition is a collaborative project with the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation supported by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education

The competition aims at raising awareness about major social issues among young people and searching for new communication tools to deal with them. It seeks to inspire young talents, encourage participants to work on their skills in developing and implementing communication projects and share their best practices in the student community.

This enables students to create something relevant and thought-provoking, highlighting the most concerning social issues. It also gives them an opportunity to take part in the ambitious activities of the Roscongress, where they will present their projects to reach a wider business audience. Projects developed by student groups under the guidance of trained mentors are evaluated by the expert council of the competition made up of the rectors and department heads of leading Russian universities, government and business members and representatives of creative agencies.

Competition Coordinator Elena Marinina, vice president at Roscongress Foundation, CEO of the Innosocium Foundation.

No social reform can be implemented unless we explore and support the mass communication tools, ensure the development of social inclusion in the society and encourage socially responsible behaviour. The competition is essential for developing social communication skills among the younger generation, the future of our community.”
Elena Marinina
EVRAZ is an international vertically integrated steel, mining and vanadium business, which actively supports public initiatives, develops social partnership and social competencies of the local community and introduces new social technologies. EVRAZ's support of Innosocium Nationwide Social Project Competition with main stages held as part of major Russian economic forums is one of such initiatives. The competition creates new opportunities for social activity and is aimed at bringing favourable social changes.”
Maria Dronova,
director for relations with government agencies and charity work at EVRAZ

Partners are involved in choosing the theme of the competition. Traditionally, the event focuses on women's leadership, territorial development, culture and regional initiatives. The best practices of the corporate social responsibility programmes are taking on new dimensions thanks to the Innosocium competition.

Innosocium is organising a series of Lectorium Innosocium workshops in leading universities of Moscow and other parts of Russia featuring social communication experts.

The competition gave us the opportunity to gain valuable feedback about our Special View support programme for visually impaired people. Student applications for participation in the Inclusive Society nomination reveals the young generation's idea of what the barrier-free environment should be like in the modern world. No less important was the communication plan for each project, since it is not enough just to create something useful for society, it needs to be presented in such a way that both immediate beneficiaries and caring Russians would find it interesting. Chuvash Tales and Legends in Dramatised Audiobooks won the best project, primarily because visually impaired and sighted children equally enjoyed it. The preservation of the traditions of the country's minor indigenous peoples and their translation into Russian was essential to the effort of making our multinational culture more inclusive.”
Maria Melnichenko,
programming director at Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation