Young Entrepreneurs Platform

Innosocium Foundation and Agency for Strategic Initiatives are co-developing a unified platform to support young entrepreneurs. This platform is aimed at the creation of practical tools for implementing entrepreneurial initiatives, simplifying regulatory procedures, gaining access to financial support and special educational programmes implemented with the participation of experienced mentor entrepreneurs. The platform was designed to facilitate the launching of young entrepreneurs' projects, their cooperation and sharing of resources. The platform relies on the open architecture approach, i.e. it is open to partners and various forms of working with the youth community.

The Young Entrepreneurs Platform coordinators are: Elena Marinina, vice president at the Roscongress Foundation.

Young people eagerly participate in civil society, instantly responding to any swings and new trends in the economic development. Flexibility, courage, the ability to adapt and desire to do a truly innovative, efficient and responsible business is what defines today's young entrepreneurs.”
Elena Marinina,
Vice president at the Roscongress Foundation and CEO at the Innosocium Foundation

The platform started as the national DevService hackathon, which aimed at developing platform elements simplifying business procedures. The hackathon is held at the Boiling Point Coworking Centre of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives simultaneously in 30 cities. The best projects are pitched at a private function of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Teams with the best projects win paid internships at the hackathon's IT partner companies, free acceleration of any of the team's project and integration of the best project into the single platform for young entrepreneurs. Hackathon winners have the opportunity to collaborate with experts to refine their projects and eventually present them to potential partners and investors.

We have a lot of young people who want to do business. We have to give them this opportunity. Together with the Innosocium Foundation, we are creating a job exchange based on the app that pitched by the young people at the latest hackathon. It enables us to verify potential employers reputation-wise and then formalise parental permission for the young people's employment. We will definitely make sure they are safe and give them social contract guarantees.”
Svetlana Chupsheva,
Director of Agency for Strategic Initiatives