International Knowledge Sharing Week

International Knowledge Sharing Week is a collaborative project of the Innosocium Foundation, UNIDO and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed at UNIDO's Vienna headquarters by Roscongress Foundation CEO Alexander Stuglev and UNIDO CEO Li Yong on December 17, 2018. The parties agreed to co-create and co-develop trust spaces through the establishment of world-class communication platforms aimed at economic, technological, industrial, scientific and technical international cooperation. They will reflect the objectives of the Scientific and Technological Development Strategy of the Russian Federation, which aims at creating an efficient system for enhancing and using the nation's intellectual potential in science, technology and innovation making the research and development marketable. International Knowledge Sharing Week brings together student groups from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The young professionals will explore Russian culture, learn about its leading universities, corporations, innovation parks and business facilities in Moscow within the two weeks of the event. A wide range of activities is anticipated in conjunction with the Coordination Council for Youth Affairs in the Sphere of Science and Education under the Presidential Council for Science and Education.

Following the event, students are expected to prepare a cooperation project to broaden the engagement with Russia in the context of sustainable development. The projects will be presented at the Boiling Point coworking space of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Following the pitch session, 3 representatives will be selected from each group and they will have the opportunity to show their projects at Roscongress events.

International Knowledge Sharing Week Coordinators: Kristina Filippovskaya, vice president and programming director at Innosocium Foundation

The development of a country's scientific and technological capacity is impossible unless there is sharing of experience with colleagues and experts from other countries. We are willing to share our best practices and are happy to see our initiatives resonating with the world community. Our aim is to unleash the creative talents of Russian youth in the field of science and innovation, especially internationally. It is our top priority as it has a tremendous effect on the future of Russian science.”
Anton Kobyakov,
Advisor to the president of the Russian Federation
Collaboration with UNIDO has taken the Innosocium Foundation to the international level so the Roscongress Foundation's Social Platform gets to unlock its full potential and achieve its sustainable development goals. Russia may benefit enormously from the development of scientific and industrial links with developing countries. This is about the synergy of booming economies as well as about the humanitarian dimension, i.e. a better understanding among partners and creation of a favourable basis for new promising projects.”
Elena Marinina,
Vice president at the Roscongress Foundation and CEO at the Innosocium Foundation

The programme would help strengthen international ties, promote the exchange of experience and encourage more collaborative projects to implement the UN sustainable development goals with Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Building sustainable links between Russian and foreign communities is the top priority and driving force of the development of strategic partnerships with foreign companies, institutions and experts aimed at developing joint solutions, both to deal with global problems and to promote projects.”
Elena Myakotnikova,
Corporate director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives