ART TEAM - creating and implementing projects for the development of creative economy

ART TEAM is a large-scale project to form a professional community of managers in the field of cultural and creative industries throughout Russia, it is also a unique educational portal that will allow project participants to develop their creative thinking skills, as well as a national contest of creative projects of the same name.

The Art Team project is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund. The key partner of the project is the Center for Film Festivals and International Programs. The aim of the initiative is to create a creative talent pool in the country through the organization of systematic work in the regions, which will include training of managerial skills, and the development of socio-cultural projects in Russian regions, as well as support for projects with high potential at the level of local governments.

Innosocium Foundation, the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation together with the Roscultcenter invite and managers in creative industries sector to participate in the national contest of creative projects ART TEAM

ART TEAM contest is designed for creative young people who are interested in implementing their own projects and the systematic development of creative industries in their home region. Applications for participation are accepted by categories reflecting the most relevant areas of the creative sector.

The contest geography is 85 regions of Russia.

"Today, in the era of digitalization of all sectors of the economy, creative industries and creative skills become a driver of development for all who want to succeed in career and self-realization. Our country has always been famous for talented creative and, what is more important, proactive youth, they are full of unique ideas and energy. The goal of the Art Team project is to give them the opportunity to acquire the necessary system management skills that will help them implement their creative projects, turn them into successful businesses, and make a real contribution to the economic development of their region," said Marina Abramova, Director of the Roskultur Center.
Marina Abramova,
Director of the Roskultur Center
"Sometimes authors of great ideas lack the courage, skills or finances to implement a project. The Art Team contest will be an excellent springboard for them. Working with students, we see great potential for the development of the creative sector, and thanks to Art Team, successful ideas from all over Russia will receive real support in the form of skills and investment, and possibly come true. We invite everyone to be bold and implement their ideas with us now," said Elena Marinina, Deputy CEO of the Roskongress Foundation and Director of the Innosocium Foundation.
Elena Marinina,
Deputy CEO of the Roskongress Foundation and Director of the Innosocium Foundation