About Fund

Social and economic issues are a priority of Russia's new government policy.

Innosocium has been created as an innovative platform within the Roscongress Foundation to maintain an open multilateral dialogue on the challenges of social development, promote the social agenda and replicate successful social technologies.

It is aimed at providing reliable assistance in the implementation of social projects, engaging communities and promoting the exchange of

best business and government practices

“The Innosocium Foundation has a very ambitious goal: to become one of the key partners of the state, nonprofits and businesses in implementing the strategy and social development programmes in the country. It possesses Roscongress Foundation's business, information and communication capabilities, which it will use to form a pool of competencies and partnerships of its own,”

Aleksandr Stuglev

Innosocium is creating a platform for the discussion and implementation of initiatives within the framework of corporate social responsibility, including those associated with charity, environmental events and the problem of economic and gender inequality.

Innosocium holds social contests, educational events and hackathons. Volunteers help out at the events. The most important initiatives can be represented at Roscongress biggest international events.

Providing people with more opportunities to socialise and fulfil their

personal potential

“What matters most to the community is a person's creative energy and ability to transform the world around them. We are all individuals, first and foremost, so it is what we do and what we want to do best that gives our lives meaning. If our opportunities for self-fulfilment were taken away, we wouldn't live anymore but rather exist.”

Elena Marinina

Innosocium strives to stimulate the development of regional social infrastructure, promote the growth of non-profit organisations and support individual initiatives of Russian people.

We encourage young people to help us deal with social challenges, create the means of professional and social mobility, introduce innovative educational approaches and promote youth entrepreneurship.

We aim at creating a full-fledged infrastructure for the development and promotion of the social agenda

for development institutions and nonprofit organisations

"Innosocium Foundation is aimed at identifying problems which, for historical, regulatory and economic reasons, are yet to be resolved, searching for best practices and solutions, building partnerships and ensuring the interaction of all interested participants within the framework of the Foundation's projects. We prioritise partnerships as social issues compelling us to coordinate our efforts and ensure effective cooperation at all levels — from regional to global,”

Kristina Filippovskaya

The foundation combines the efforts of nonprofit organisations, local communities, businesses, state authorities and development institutions to deal with the social challenges. Innosocium is an active participant in international events, representing Russia, Russian citizens and enterprises, spreading the best practices of Russian regions and applying best practices of other counties.