Roscongress Foundation Social Platform to Support Long-Term Care System in Russia

The Foundation’s first step in this direction was its decision to take part in the work of the Council for Guardianship in the Social Sector of the Pskov Region. The Council includes representatives of the local administration, public and religious organizations, regional branches of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs as well as the heads of business structures.

Based on an initiative fr om Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, such regional Councils will be created in several regions of the country, wh ere support from public and business structures is needed to promote the social sector and NPOs.

The social platform is a strategic initiative of the Roscongress Foundation, whose goal is to promote socially significant projects and assist in building a dialogue between the parties involved in the social ecosystem: the government, business, society, representatives of the non-profit sector, and the media.

The Regional Council for Guardianship in the Social Sector of the Pskov Region, among other issues, will support and monitor the implementation of the Long-Term Care System (LCS) in the region. The main goal of the LCS is to provide people in need of long-term care with decent living standards and maximum rehabilitation as well as to provide support to their families.

Creating the LCS entails a wide range of activities. This includes developing methodology and common standards, training for both professionals and family members, providing logistics, ensuring interaction between social and medical institutions, introducing new technologies and services, training social coordinators who will supervise people who require care, and much more.

Roscongress Foundation Deputy CEO, Director for the Socio-Economic Agenda Elena Marinina said: «We deemed it necessary to support the implementation of the Long-Term Care System in our country since this is an urgent problem and one of the top-priority social objectives. The Council is being created now in the Pskov Region, and we intend to actively participate in its organization. The pilot regions are the ones that have to seek out and make unconventional decisions. In the process of introducing a pilot project, invaluable experience is gained that helps to achieve the expected result. We are very much counting on all organizations in the region and business structures supporting and taking part in the work since literally every citizen is interested in creating such a system in our country. With its unique communication capabilities and as a powerful platform and an influential institution of communications and promotion, the Roscongress Foundation will serve as an accelerator for this project».

Explaining the essence of the Long-Term Care System and the creation of the Councils, Elizaveta Oleskina, the director of the Enjoyable Aging Charitable Foundation and founder of the Elders Foundation, said: «The system that has started being set up in the regions should support each person who needs long-term care either because of illness or age. It’s a matter of people living a full life and the opportunity to support their social functions as much as possible even when there are different degrees of dependence on outside help — to live in a family, have employment or work, study, and remain a full-fledged member of society. The system should also support the family and relatives who provide most of the care. We are doing everything to ensure that the LCS becomes a national system, and we hope that the newly created Councils for Guardianship in the Social Sector that are being set up in the regions will help with this. The implementation of the Long-Term Care System large-scale social project will largely depend on the people and organizations that will be part of the regional Councils».

The project is being implemented jointly with the Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the Ministry of Health, regional administrations and also with the participation of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The Enjoyable Aging Charitable Foundation for Assistance to the Elderly and the Disabled along with its subsidiary structure, the Elders Foundation, is responsible for the development of the methodology based on which the corresponding set of measures is being implemented.


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