Participants in Creative Business Forum Session ‘Education and Training for the Creative Economy’ to Discuss Integration of Creative Industries into the Educational Process during SPIEF 2022

St. Petersburg’s ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre will host the Creative Business Forum on 15 June, the opening day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which is being organized by the Innosocium Foundation, the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation. A session of one of the Forum’s two main pillars ‘Education and Training for the Creative Economy’ will be held at 10:00–11:30 at conference hall G5, 10 (room 145).

The integration of creative industries into the educational process is becoming an important trend and necessity of the 21st century. Although creative projects are often viewed in terms of their social and cultural effects, creativity is an integral part of any sector of the economy from the nuclear industry to agriculture and construction. Instead of looking for talented graduates after the fact, it is crucial now to be actively involved in the education and further self-realization of future experts. 

«The future of our country and the trajectory of its development depend on the values, knowledge, and aspirations of today’s young people. The theme of new opportunities and the new horizons that are opening up in all areas are in high demand today. During the discussion, we plan to pay special attention to effectively utilizing the potential of graduates of creative universities in the creative industries to accelerate economic growth and speak in detail about the need to stimulate cooperation between business and educational institutions,» Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation and Director of the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation — the Innosocium Foundation Yelena Marinina said.

The session participants will discuss how the university environment can quickly and effectively create conditions for young people to realize their personal potential in a rapidly changing world, what skills and expertise are in short supply today, and who should be graduating from universities. Particular attention will be paid to the use of the potential of graduates of creative universities in the creative industries and the relationship between employers and employees. 

The session will be moderated by Universal University Director Yekaterina Cherkes-zade. Speakers include Composer and Director of the Film Music Association of the Russian Musical Union Ivan Burlyaev, ArtMasters National Open Championship of Creative Competences Director Borislav Volodin, Russian Knowledge Society General Director Maxim Dreval, Director of the Creative Economy Centre of the National Research University Higher School of Economics Tatyana Abankina, and Skillbox CEO Dmitry Krutov.

«Meetings at the Innosocium platform always contribute to a constructive dialogue with true professionals in the creative industry. I am happy about the opportunity to take away some new ideas and share our projects, which attract young people’s interest to creativity and help them discover their talent, such as Smart Cinema and Knowledge. Theatre’. We interact with young people all over the country every day and have seen growing interest in developing creative industries,» Russian Knowledge Society General Director Maxim Dreval said.

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