Innosocium Fund Takes Part in ‘100 Steps to a Sound Investment Climate’ Annual Conference

Moscow hosted the ‘100 Steps to a Sound Investment Climate’ annual conference, which focuses on ways to develop the business climate in Russia. The conference was organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives with the support of Russian News Agency TASS.

The Innosocium Foundation, the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation, took part in the conference and also co-organized the session ‘Business of the New Generation’, which was attended by young entrepreneurs of the new generation.

The development of youth entrepreneurship in Russia was the central theme of the discussion. During the session, the participants discussed current problems and barriers that young businessmen face, the conditions that need to be created for entrepreneurs under the age of 18 to do business, what measures and support services are needed for startup projects, and the creation of a platform for youth entrepreneurship.

“Young people are the most active part of society and instantly respond to any fluctuations and trends in the economy’s development. Young entrepreneurs today are defined by their flexibility, courage, the ability to adapt quickly, and a desire to engage in truly innovative, efficient, and responsible business. In the long term, young entrepreneurs will determine the pace of economic growth and the country’s development as a whole. Our job is to help them realize their potential and provide support tools at all levels”, Roscongress Foundation Deputy CEO and Innosocium Foundation Director Yelena Marinina said.

“In modern life, young people have a hard time deciding what primary job they will have to do in the future. It is much more difficult to start a business and become an entrepreneur. That’s why one of our priorities is to support young people at the very beginning of the development of their project or business. Young people are a driving force who contribute to economic growth, accelerate modernization, and play an important role in boosting the country’s sustainable development”, Agency for Strategic Initiatives Corporate Director Yelena Myakotnikova said.

The discussion proved to be productive and dynamic thanks to the meeting’s format. The participants communicated based on the principle of an open dialogue, as young entrepreneurs stood on stage and asked the experts questions directly with exactly 100 seconds allotted for each answer.

“The Agency for Strategic Initiatives is drafting legislative amendments to lift the barriers that young entrepreneurs face. We are also developing a platform to assist start-up entrepreneurs that contains informational, educational, and navigational components. Our goal is to unite the efforts of young people to create their own business with the efforts of successful businessmen to prepare the younger generation for real life. It is essential for us to maintain a balance between innovative young entrepreneurs and experienced adult businessmen in order to achieve a symbiosis of the creative thinking that is inherent in young people and the wisdom that is inherent in the older generation”, Agency for Strategic Initiatives Project Manager Alexander Vaino said.


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