Facing a new reality: Roscongress Foundation launches crisis response projects

2020 will be remembered by two things — the global pandemic and its aftermath. The global economic crisis has already affected everybody, from global corporations to small and medium businesses, and regular people. Due to the coronavirus pandemic usual lifestyle of millions has collapsed. It took just a few days for free travel, goods and capital circulation around the globe to grind to a halt. Entrepreneurs are now facing the urgent need to reorganize their business processes.

«We see preserving the Foundations key competencies as our main task in today’s environment. We have found the opportunity to use our resources in other projects that our regular audience truly needs. The time of turbulence requires high-quality analytics and a search for new opportunities to help business survive and stay afloat. I am confident that we will overcome the challenges we are facing today through uniting our effort and helping each other,» shared Alexander Stuglev, CEO and Chairman of the Roscongress Foundation.

Last week, the Roscongress Foundation hosted the Next 20 Years, an online forum that brought in Dr Melita Vujnovic, WHO Representative in the Russian Federation and Andrei Klepach, Chief Economist, State Development Corporation VEB.RF. EY and Roscongress teamed up to organize ‘Business: A Survival Guide’, an online conference on measures to support small and medium-sized businesses.

The official website of the Roscongress Foundation launched three crisis response platforms:

— Anticrisis plan: global best practices ( It is a dedicated web portal that aims to consolidate existing measures to support businesses and general public during the spread of coronavirus, as well as plans to restore economies after the pandemic is over;

— RCBusiness ( It is a B2B marketplace platform that aims to support the needs of professionals in various industries. The platform also provides opportunities to a broad range of Russian and international contacts; платформа;

— An analytical online platform on the COVID-19 situation ( It offers research results, analytical reviews and recommendations that address the fight against COVID-19from leading subject-matter organizations and development.

Together with the All-Russia People’s Front, the Roscongress Foundation initiated a dedicated hotline to support people over 60 and coordinate help for them. This age group faces the highest risk due to the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19. The hotline is completely powered by Roscongress. The Foundation’s social platform — the Innosocium Foundation — is busy attracting partners for the #wearetogether initiative and providing targeted aid for those in need.

Innosocium nationwide contest for student projects launched its own challenge #studentathome to support the fight against the spread of coronavirus. The challenge is supported by the Roscongress Foundation. Together with the Council for Development of Social Innovations in Regions (under the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation), the contest opened a new nomination. ‘Saving the Elders’ is meant to support the older generation and implement projects that would preserve and improve their quality of life in the emergency situation.


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